Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just a little bit of love

The Batch 11 is getting rave review all over the country. This one from a buddy we sent one to in Mississippi:

"the one with 11 hops.

dude, you could bottle and sell that. ken shared it with me. it was freaking awesome. probably the best beer we drank that day.

big ups.


just a little DaveDave love comin' from you to us and back atcha.

by the way, look forward to more updates soon as we do 4 batches in 5 days between june 27-july 2... including a coriander, lavender and cinnamon saison, a davedave tripel, and a few others in the works.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oh! The disappointment!

So i was thinking today: Jesus, i haven't had a Bell's Oberon in a while. I haven't even seen one. This is the beer that used to actually penetrate my dreams last summer. I imagined a fire hose blasting that sweet, citrusy wheat beer right into my mouth, caressing my taste buds, and flowing into my satisfied gullet.

But no, not this summer. It seems that Bell's had pulled out its Illinois distribution back in 06. This article outlines the reasons, but also reveals a world of shady beer exchanging. Do you know about the three tier system? Do you know how the big beer companies attempt to control the flow of craft beer? read on, my student, and you will know as i do.

edit: Dave.2 says, read this article; read this article.