Friday, July 18, 2008


Do you think more people would visit the site if we put up pictures? What a hassle. Words kill.

And Finally

Bottled the Bleeding Hop Bucket about a week ago? I'm not sure- but with all the hops hanging in the batch, at least a quart or two of the brew sat, unusable in the buds of nearly 3 pounds of hops... *sigh,* but we have something like 40-42 bottles of this bad boy?? Not Bad. Should be ready in 2011. We'll keep you posted!

And, once Adam returns from his trip to Italia, we are brewing a Pepper Smoked RyePA, that is, an Imperial IPA brewed with Rye, Pepper and Smoke. This will be my first try with rye and smoke, and my second (or third?) attempt with pepper. Either way, should be a very interesting one to try.

Finally, once I re-pitch some champagne yeast into the Honey Champagne and let it hang for another week or so, we'll bottle that one and then rack the Belgian Apple Tripel on top of the champagne honey yeast residue. Should be delightful!

As for tonight, we'll be attending the Victory Brewery tasting at Jungle Jims, followed by an 11 pm showing of The Dark Knight... oh, the life!

Cheers, everyone

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh Yeah

and someone mowed over my hop plants... *cough* Steve.

I'm Stupid...

...and lazy.

So in an attempt to cut two trips into one this evening just before I was planned on bottling the Bleeding Hop Bucket, I put the glass carboy into the bottling bucket. Seeing as though the bottling bucket has a draft on it, I created an air-lock and wasn't able to get the carboy with the fermenting deliciousness out. Smart guy I am, I decide to turn the spigot to let the air out... and break the spigot. Looks like the BHB will sit in secondary for 75 days instead of 70. Oh well. I really didn't feel like bottling tonight anyways.

But in other news, we're brewing again!

I'll post the recipes later, but three days, three brews:

Saturday (with caspito), we brewed a traditional Tripel, but added 4-5 lbs of granny smith apples carmelized in belgian candi sugars

Sunday brewed a pumpkin Saison with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cardamom, coriander, sweet gale and sweet orange peel

Monday brewed a Pale Ale with mint, cilantro, lime and almonds (catch the pesto influence?) - and plan on topping it off with a few cups of some premium tequila.

Phew, what an exhausting weekend. I'll be spending this coming Fourth O' Ju-lie weekend in Pittsburgh, and will get to some much needed bottling when I return, and will brew the Honey Champagne then as well.

Once I get un-lazy, I'll post the recipes. But for now...