Sunday, June 21, 2009

Icing the Beast, and Caps and Snifters

Now that school is well and over, brewing and all that aside, I have decided to take on a few "beer-centric" projects, well, just for the hell of it. The first I am going to do has some alterior motives (to be detailed in video at a later date), but it is essentially to create an "ice beer" from a dogfish head 120 minute IPA.

I don't have too much info on the process, other than freeze the beer, and skim the surface to get the alcohol-thickened portion of the beer to get the more concentrated version of the brew. I am planning on freezing 4-6 and then re-bottling in a newly labeled Iced 120 Minute IPA bottle with DaveDave caps. I am planning on having two total, maybe three to drink. If I achieve a high percent efficiency in doing so, I can effectively create a 30-38% beer from this process. sick.

here are also some pics of DaveDave caps and snifters that have been made:

these aren't exactly how they look; in fact the caps are all-black, and the snifters are etched, so the davedave logo and "screw it, let's brew it" mantra are a hazy white color. still killer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Promoting DaveDave Synergy

It's been a while. Oh how the tides have changed!

There is a level of excitement abuzz at DaveDave that there hasn't been in a while. But this is not any level of excitement created fusing awkward potential life goals into a and followed by a "Dude, we should totally...!" No, nowhere near that. This is the kind of monumentus that allows me to create words like monumentus. Something deep from within that has been brewing (get it?) for some time.

I am currently finishing up my capstone project in school. And by finishing, I mean, I've barely started and there are only a few weeks left. However, my function in this aim is to develop and design a brewery. Unbeknown to most, I have no intentions of presenting any work nor having anything significant on D-Day. However, I do plan on having a solid document of information channeling what the brewery (or now, moreover, Brew Pub), is going to look like and effectively, live up to (although June says this will change and I am in firm belief with him that it will, however it is necessary to have a place to start), in hopes of sharing this information with potential investors in the process known as making DaveDave REAL.

It's all really exciting. So the next point is that this blog from now on (if I really even attend to it.. we will see in time), is to briefly chronicle what is happening in our world. I am a bit motivated by the outward approach that Tucker Max (Taylor Steele) has taken with the creation and release of his film, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. So in that light, I may take an active approach to regurgitating the information and events that will ultimately lead to Day 1 Opening.

Just to put this in writing (and I have no legal counsel as to if it is OK or not, but fuck it), but I have two members in mind to join the team. The first is Chris Michel, resident beer drinker/brewer/smart guy/business-savvy money man, and the second is also a Chris. This Chris is a very accomplished brewer and a good all-around guy, and if he is interested, and does well in the interview process (i.e., delivers good quality brew), this could work out nicely. I'm interested to see what actually happens on this front in the long run, so future Dave: I hope you're happy with what you've done.

Finally, DaveDave name is in jeopardy. Honestly I don't think it suits larger-scale establishment, but it could on the other hand provide a necessary "entry point" in our customers' minds in that the name is iconic and in turn, very easy to remember.

We'll see what happens, but to those out there in blogger land who may for some reason actually read this, the tide is nigh, the waves are high, and I've got a couple of surf boards to take this one down.

I have no idea where the surfing reference came from, but oh well. Screw it, Let's Brew It, right?

Monday, February 9, 2009