Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In My Fridge

Founders Centennial IPA
Sam Adams Cream Stout
Sam Adams Double Bock
Sam Adams Boston Lager
Fuller's Vintage Ale
Spaten Optimator
Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale
Great Lakes Eliot Ness
Bells Batch 8000
Bells Demolition
Bells Matilda
Delirium Tremens

What's in your fridge?


Caspito said...

red stripe and vodka.

Dave v1.2 said...


emmalynn* said...

YOUR miller chill
a jug of mt caramel
and celis raspberry.

...along with roommate and random beverages which include the ever so popular nati light, a 4 month old stella, banged up cans of miller light, and for the 55 year old man in you, rolling rock green light.

i have awesome roommates?

Ali said...

red stripe and vodka.