Friday, March 7, 2008


I just received this email:

"The Bockfest parade for Friday Afternoon has been CANCELLED. All other Bockfest activities are still going on as scheduled, so you can still get your Bock beer if you need it. The Bockfest
organizers are working with the city of Cincinnati to reschedule the parade for Sunday. I will send out more information when it becomes available.

We will be making a decision regarding the Bockfest Homebrew competition tomorrow morning based on road conditions and advisories."

Look for updates on the Bockfest website or check back here for the latest info throughout the weekend with the timely weather upon us, folks.

EDIT: the parade is NOT cancelled, just the float portion of it. An updated email as follows:

"I misunderstood the scope of the Bockfest Parade cancellation that I sent out earlier. The official information can be found here. Due to the snow emergency, the City of Cincinnati cancelled the float portion of the parade where we walk down the streets. Everything else is still on. We will kick off the weekend at Arnold's at 6PM, and walk up to Bockfest Hall for the blessing of the beer. All the bars are still open and ready to keep you warm with some delicious bock beer and sausage.

If you are an adventurous Monk or Wench, then let's meet down at Arnolds. Bring your coconuts if you've got them, and I'll bring the head beating boards."

So there you have it. See everyone out and about this weekend ;)

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