Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spiced Chai Milk Stout

The official tasting has yet to take place, but a few bottles have been opened in the last few weeks and the response is pretty outstanding - this is a hell of a brew. in the earlier tests, the lactose was nigh unrecognizable and i was begining to wonder if this thing would actually come out like a milk stout at all. however, as the carbonation began to bubble, the head showed just what this milk stout is all about. I have honestly never had a creamier, thicker head in my life on a beer. This is a definite re-make batch for sure.

hell yeah baby, the davedave is back.


Jeffrey said...

That sounds like the work of an evil mind! I wish I could could join you for the tasting!

Dave v1.2 said...

official tasting: thursday, april 24, chicago illinois.

hey jeff - what do you say about maybe trading a few bottles of brew in the future? let me know - hopefully we can set something up!

Caspito said...

thursday, thursday THURSDAY!!! one beer! two dudes! three sips! four excuses! five apologies! six broken hearts! seven questions! eight wrong answers! nine planets! ten minutes of projectile vomiting! eleven stolen televisions! twelve hundred dollar bail!!

all goes down in Chicago IL

be there...