Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bells 8000 Ale Review

Cracked open one of these bad boys tonight to drink alongside some jalapeño and cheese pirogies. The 8000 is a Belgian style witbier, and it was poured from a 12 oz bottle into a pilsner glass. The pour was rich and full, with a perfect amount of mellow golden head topping off the glass. The color of the beer was a slightly cloudy, and was a light honey orange hue. The aroma was spicy with hints of orange and banana. The beer had a nice medium malty flavor and a good amount of spice. There were hints of coriander and grains of paradise on the tongue. grains of paradise, mind you, are "what acid is made of to make, like, acid," as the party source employee so poignantly put it. I've never been a huge witbier fan, but the 8000 is definitely something i'm glad to have 5 more of in the fridge. i'll probably even pick up another 6 pack once i run out of this one. the taste also went along perfectly with the spicy pirogies, which were smothered in saracha sauce. probably my favorite witbier to date, although i haven't had the pleasure of enjoying many. if you've heard of any other good ones, hit me with those suggestions boys and girls. and thats all i got.

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