Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fingers Crossed

Well well, not too much currently going on, but we do have a nice update on all of the brews.

First off, we sampled another man or three last night, and they have really come along. the brew is just top notch and will get even more delicious as it bottle conditions over the next few weeks.

Re-carboyed god today, pitched a new vile of yeast, added a lb. of boiled xtra dark malt, along with oak chips that have been soaking in whiskey for the past 4 days. should be interesting... we'll have to keep you posted as that comes along. it looks like god should be able to bottle on the 15th or 16th.

The Hop! With the hop crisis bearing down on all us poor brewers, I have somehow managed to fenangle all 7 different kinds, coming to 11 oz. of quality hops to be distributed over a 10 gal batch of The Hop which will be (actually, has to be in order to get the right dry hopping schedule) brewed on Tuesday after the chair crit. And when i say ten gallons i mean it's a double batch tuesday, so it'll definitely be a late night.

lucy was tested; lucy is delicious. this being the first davedave lager, the results have come in well. the brew definitely needs to bottle condition for at least a few more weeks to pull out some of the *off* flavors that detract from the great berry sweetness.

so once i return from the ski trip, it sounds like that's when everything is going to go down. the hop, god, and the mexican will all be ready to bottle. aka one really long day. i mean seriously. really long. who wants to help with 200 bottles of beer??? any takers? seriously. help.


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