Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chicago Brewings

Hey all,
The inaugural Chicago-branch brew has been sitting on the shelves for two and a half weeks now and it tastes great. It is called "The Critique of Brew Reason" in honor of Immanuel Kant. A solid American Ale: not too bitter, not too sweet, but definitely both. This was the first time i worked with actual hops rather than pellets, and i can taste it. Nice work all.
And now its time to make some more. We traded a six pack with some friends and are looking to expand our markets (bartering), but we need some to drink for our self, no? Wu and i are thinking about doing a dry hop this time. So my questions are thus:

(1) What are the best beer types for dry hopping?
(2) What are the best hops to dry hop with?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Dave v1.2 said...

As far as dry-hopping, really any will do. The Batch 11 had 8 different hop styles in the dry-hopping and it turned out fucking phenomenal. It really only matters in the degree of what flavor/bittering/aroma profile you are looking for. Dry hopping works best to impact the flavor and the aroma. In so far as the bittering picture goes, you get a little more piney-stickiness in my opinion, from this type of utilization. As far as styles - you can dry hop anything! Just make sure that you want there to be a full hop profile intact in your recipe. Pale Ales, IPA's, Barleywines, High Gravity Stouts are all candidates. But think about making a light IPA batch and racked to secondary with fresh fruit (boil in equal parts sugar (or malt, or honey) first before pouring in to avoid contamination...) and a few ounces of lemony floral Cascade hops to back up the experience. Stretch your mind, David, and the brew will come.

Anonymous said...

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