Friday, October 26, 2007

beer tools

good sound advice from our number one. on that note, here are a few more links that may be beneficial to the local homebrewers, especially those looking to amp things up a notch:
listermann is a cincinnati native brewing supply store. they have an abundant selection of all supplies necessary as well as many wonderful kits to get even the novice of homebrewer started on their way.
for those who have a brew idea, beer tools has a great online calculator which helps you figure out what kind and amount of ingredients you will need for you next batch of beer.
good site for purchasing brewing supplies from extract brewers to mash brewers, as well as a good source of info for brewing tips.

out of the thousands of brewing sites, these are a few of our current favorites. feel free to let us know some that you have had success with or would also recommend.

adios, d2.1

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