Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Man? God.

tonight the first three days of fermented man were tasted. and the results? astounding. this brew is going to be even better than originally planned. with a smooth coffee taste racing across the palette followed by a delightful floral finish with notes of chocolate, caramel and a hint of sweet vanilla, we now have a new rival for quality of davedave brew. all we can say at this point is, buckle up.

in other brewery news, the decision for the next brew has been carefully handpicked by the STD crew. some of the details still need to be hashed out, but the bottom line is that we are basing the brew around a particularly intriguing strain of yeast, the Wild Labs Super High Gravity Yeast. the yeast, it is said, can produce up to 25% alcohol in a batch of beer. which is ridiculous. and we're going to do it. unfortunately, the availability of such yeast in these parts is scarce, but the STD brew team is working on outlets to obtain said ingredient. so once we have it, you'll know, and we're planning on making it as soon as humanly possible.

not at all concerned with the taste, the brew team will work to produce the highest percentage alcohol in a beer (technically after 15% not considered, "beer," but who cares?) possible. the new beer, tentatively titled, god, will not be for the light of heart, nor for god fearing man, nor man fearing god. it will be the heaviest, maltiest, dirtiest, most robust beer to hit the tri-state, and possibly, world area. get excited.

we'll keep you posted.

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