Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Super Ultra High Gravity Crazy Awesome Freakin Sweet

so dan from listermann's is doing us a huge favor by hooking us up and ordering three viles of the white labs 25% yeast. apparently the process of creating brew with this high level of alcohol will be rather labor intensive, but the std crew will strive to do everything we can to make this the most incredible batch of beer you have ever tasted. your blood may boil on god brew. your head may explode into thousands of pieces. your liver may even grow legs, hop from your body and run for its life. so for all of you masochistic members of society out there, here's your treat.

brewing begins this weekend. get ready.


Dave v1.2 said...

guys i don't know about you but i am super excited for this one! catch you laters!

Anonymous said...


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