Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Update

A few exciting things are happening around the brewery and here's whats what:

First, we put God in a keg. Yup. We kegged God. And to our surprise, after a brief showing at Adam's impromptu birthday party, it actually had a pretty nice turnout. Not the best beer ever brewed, (and even after we spilled some God on the floor) everyone seemed to enjoy the 18% monster at least in a touch. A few days later, Sam ended the night with one. Mistake-city population Mooninite. At this point, there's still some left in the keg and about 3.5 gallons in fermentation. I might as well just dump a bottle of whiskey in it and call it a day. WAIT A SECOND. That's EXACTLY what I should do. God is harsh enough; might as well make him an alcoholic monstrosity. <-- More details on this later.

Also, there have been so many new brews in the last few months that it's a little uncomfortable to even try to recollect. The point of the brews at this point is really to try and nail down a few recipes that we can put out as we go into actual production down the road. To be fairly candid, I'd have to say that our most successful beers have also been our biggest ones: Man, Imperial Chocolate Raspberry Porter (Nay, Stout!), Spiced Chai Milk Stout and Batch 11. There have been many many other good brews, but those have by far been the DaveDave BEST. They will certainly make the initial lineup come full production.

That being said, I am heading into "full-brew-mode" over the next few weeks. I'd like to remake and perfect those recipes as we head forward, and really work the kinks out to put down a great quality product. More info as those come forward (for today, a new carboy and a Chocolate Raspberry Imperial Porter (Nay, Stout!) brewing session. Actually if I can handle it, I'd like to brew two of these (one today, one tomorrow), and make one with blackberries instead of raspberries. These should be ready to bottle by the beginning of June (just in time to bring out on vacation! ;) )

Tonight we are going to rack the Mango Coconut Porter to secondary, adding our Mango as well as our toasted coconut. Looks like I may be making a trip out to Jungle Jim's before the end of the day to pick up the extra pieces to those puzzles. This one will be ready to drink by our May 23rd LOST finale. Exciting. We're also going to add kona coffee beans to the secondary to really shake everything up. So, now, the beer has transformed into a Belgian Style Coffee Mango Coconut Porter with Champagne yeast. High hopes here.

What's next? Well, DaveDave has recently implemented some advancements to our brewing and bottling process, and in doing so has created a higher level of quality beer over a more consistent level. Look out for this in the future. Taste the DaveDave

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