Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Few Days Behind

Running a few days behind on the secondary transferring of the now dubbed, "M.C. Porter" We're actually racking to secondary a beer that my roommate Steve and I brewed some time back. It's been sitting in the primary for way too long so I fear it's been too long to rack it. We're adding some hops that have been soaked in Irish Whiskey for a few months and then hopefully bottling in a few weeks time.

Back to business. The M.C. Porter is going to be ready to rock and roll in a short while. The mango and coconut is ready to go and the coffee beans are in tow. Since the MC Porter was split into two primaries - one fermenting with champagne yeast, the other with belgian strong ale - we're adding the coffee and coconut to the champagne version and the mango to the belgian strong ale half. I'm really stoked about where this one is heading. Should have a full allotment of bottles on schedule around May 15. There will be a secondary for about 10 days and a tertiary (where we will combine the two) for around 5-6 to get everything working together. Very exciting batch.

Further info: for a 5-gallon batch we essentially recreated the Edmund Fitzgerald grain bill, substituted and doubled their hop bill with only Cascade, split into two with the respective yeasts and are adding 18 oz. toasted coconut with 1 lb Kona beans, plus 7 lbs of mango puree for the final additions. GET PUMPED.

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