Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God on Ice

GOI officially made its way to the freezer yesterday. With 20% of the original beer syphoned off and kegged (hence the previous posting mention of diety-consumption), yesterday we made the final call on what to do with the rest of the beer. Another 20% of the beer was racked to a final stage and pounds and pounds of coffee beans were added to the mix to set for a few weeks. The final 60% was taken to our good friend Steve's, where we were given the priviledged use of his deep freezer. So, currently, God is 20% kegged, 20% on coffee and 60% on ice. There will absolutely be blending, although at this point the best course of action will probably be to bottle each batch individually, and blend from the bottle and not IN the bottle. This way we don't end up with a very limited number of different blends that may or may not reach standards.

Best thing about this is that since God is so volatile and absurd, the beers will age extremely well. So whatever happens, happens.

I have been thinking about adding pounds of fresh fruit to the mix, but at this point I think God has gone through enough and we'll just save the fruit for the upcoming Imperial Chocolate Fruit Porter (Nay, Stout!) Series. Thoughts?

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