Friday, November 7, 2008

Pics From Our First All-Grain Brew Session

Success! We brewed a Dave. That's about it. Check out a few pics (too busy doing shit to take many), and be amazed!


Steve said...

Awesome. How did that brew kettle that you just bought work out?

Dave v1.2 said...

It worked out really well actually. It was my first time using such a rig, so the smell of the metal burning was a little to get used to... but once things got burning, with the larger top area there was no boilover, there are clamps on the sides to make sure the brewpot is secured, and the spout worked out great. The manual for putting the setup together was a little hard to read through and somewhat nondescript at some points, which made me slightly uneasy since I was dealing with something so *dangerous*, but once I got past that, it was no worries at all and worked out great. (Took wayyy too long to chill in the sink without a wort chiller... definitely a key investment to get the temperature down fast. Cheers!