Wednesday, November 7, 2007

beer is really good for you

much akin to shea's contribution, not having anything to do with my suggestion to write on this blog... i'll go ahead and add a short list of some of my recent favorite beers. everyone always asks me what beers to get. shut up with that question. i don't know. my favorite beer is constantly changing so i really have no idea what in the world to tell you. but i guess i can take a shot at listing out a few that i would generally recommend or have recently enjoyed quite a bit.

5. Alaskan Amber Ale: The original Daves had this one on a cross-country trip summer 2006. Great everyday, anytime beer. Very refreshing with great flavor, but not too bold that it would scare away those of the lighter palates. Too bad it's only available on the west coast. (hint to those left-american readers out there... *cough* baker)

4. Fullers ESB (Extra Special Bitter): Great dinner beer. Enjoy this fresh on draft down at Nicholsons Pub, downtown Cincinnati. Great different style of beer to break out of your usual habits.

3. Stone Double Bastard Ale: Only available at certain times during the year, the double bastard boasts a 10% abv, and more hops than at least... 4 kangaroos. like the alaskan amber, i've only had one experience with the double bastard. it involved a lengthy search which ended at jungle jims and me, dave1 and emma all splitting a 3L bottle. this beer is one of the burliest beers i've ever tasted, with a comparable hangover to prove it.

2. Bells Consecrator Doppelbock: Delicious and rich seasonal Bell's brew. Full chocolate taste with a mild hop finish and notes of caramel. Definitely a snowy day kind of beer. It's a single batch release only available in February, so mark those calendars and buy in bulk!

and 1. it's a tie! (what a cop out) Rogue Shakespeare Stout, Rogue Mocha Porter: Rogue definitely has some fantastic beers in their lineup, no doubt about it. Both of these brews are full in flavor and just downright delicious. I'll have to give them both a side by side comparison to determine the true winner. At least three times each. For double-checking of course...

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