Thursday, November 1, 2007

current fall and winter lineup.

just to hit you with the bubbles and give you the update on the upcoming set of brews and slotted brew and release dates:

1. god:
*read previous posts for description*
initial brew date saturday, november 3, 2007
bottling november 17 -24, 2007

2. gummi bear batch:
this batch was inspired by shea's joking suggestion to put gummi bears in the beer. got the wheels rolling, and now this batch is going to be a berry lager, taking high amounts of extra light malt, pounds and pounds of fresh berries (straw, black, blue, rasp), as well as candi sugar and a few pounds of, that's right, gummi bears. each bottle will come with a few bears in them as well. BOOM. deal with it, jerk.
initial brew date tentative sometime between sunday, november 4 and saturday the 10th.
the lagering will take longer than normal and should be ready for bottling after about 3 weeks. second ferment and conditioning should have this brew ready when i return from the ski trip, december 18th.

3. fall batch:
an irish red ale brewed with pinecones, bark, leaves, acorns, and any other element of the fall season. the batch will be brewed the day we bottle god. we'll keep you posted on this one.

so that's the lineup for now. they'll all be ready for the 1st of the year and the one year anniversary of davedave brew (dec. 31).

god is brewed in two days. we'll keep you updated on the status as we progress. see ya.

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