Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More Chicago Beer

Reserve Matilda 7.0% ABV
Gold Medal winner 2005 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal winner 2006 World Beer Cup Brewed with Pilsner, Munich and a touch of Crystal malt, this Belgian strong ale is a golden hoppy delight. What makes it special is the yeast strain used in this brew: it produces a mellow tartness to complement the complex malt character. Styrian Golding and an abundance of Saaz hops add to the crisp flavor. Served in a Reserve glass.


This is taken verbatim from the Goose Island website. This beer is amazing. I went to a cigarette/beer tasting event a month ago (for free) and tried this gem, as well as many others from the Goose Island line. Picked up a four pack of the stuff last night ($12, but worth it) and enjoyed the shit out of it.

So delicious. Very Belgian actually. The most interesting part is that the yeast they use continues to stay alive and rigorously "works over" the wort. Open the bottle, it pours like champagne. The head is ridiculously creamy and the liquid fizzles on the tongue. I wish i could remember what the name of the special yeast they use. It is something rare and difficult to pronounce/remember. Something like "britanimesium", who knows.

This beer continues to taste better and better for five years, apparently. I talked with one of the master brewers at Goose Island and he told me he has tried one at four years and it was amazing. I believe him. Its not easy to find, I'm sure, but if you are in Chicago you can probably find an four pack at Binny's, and I hear that it is on tap somewhere, probably near the brewery. Again, who know?

Thats all for now. Drink up yall.

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