Tuesday, November 20, 2007

News on the Fermenting Front

Good news to share about the progress of the three batches currently in ferment

First, god is going stronger and faster than before. We had thought that maybe the yeasts were giving up with so many sugars left, or that there had been some inefficient sugars in the carboy, which would have ended up ruining god, leaving it partially alcohol, partially ungodly sweetness (in a bad way). It seems this isn't the case at all, however, and things are running smooth. we're planning on feeding it more malt mid next week as well as pitching the new yeast then.

Next, Bear Batch is ready to bottle. that will more than likely happen tonight or tomorrow, so we'll give you a taste update when that occurs

Finally, what I have been worrying about for a few days now, that the yeast in the Mexican beer was just too old and wasn't going to work, is no longer a problem. my guess is that this strand of lagering yeast just needed a bit of time to get things going, and that since the yeast was born this past march, it took a few extra days to reproduce up to a fermenting ready amount. but no worries now, all is bubbling in the lager lock down in the basement.

on top of that, i realized that there were only 3 Mother of Maxin's left, so i pulled one out of the basement and gave it a taste. needless to say it has only gotten better with age. the only problem is that there is a wonderful upfront taste of a light, bitter orange, and a final finish of a rich malty coffee, but the middle flavors have just dissapeared! quite odd. either way, it's no good that there are now only 2 left, but no worries, we've got the recipe and will more than likely make another batch sometime in the near future. somehow i forsee the addition of another carboy happening pretty soon...

oh yeah, and i had another 'merican ale last night. it still sucks. big time.


Caspito said...

why does merica suck so much? what have we done wrong?

Dave v1.2 said...

i've thought about that... it's either that we cared too much about sanitation (probably) or maybe we put too much gypsum in the batch, although i don't remember putting in more than the recipe called for. maybe this is a cue for us to base the first all-mash davedave off of? i am thinking american pale ale, amber ale, or a matilda/demolition clone... thoughts?

Caspito said...

the demolition clone is audacious, yet intriguing. i was think american pale ale as well. or maybe a "real ale" ??