Thursday, November 15, 2007

This Just In...

Stone Breweries' Arrogant Bastard's seasonal counterpart, the Double Bastard (see top 5 list below) was release last week and is hitting shelves across the tri-state region as of yesterday and today. IGA Ludlow is one of the first to carry, as well as the Party Source. Even at $7 per 22oz bottle, it's damn worth it. And with a whopping 10% abv, you'll only need the one (or maybe two...)! So stop making excuses, do yourself a favor, and go pick some up right now.

Also hitting shelves is the Dogfish Head Seasonal, Chickory Stout, delicious coffee based brew with notes of chickory and licorice root. Also an obvious choice, this beer tastes eerily close to Man, which will get its official "first taste" this Saturday. very exciting stuff.

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