Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Get Stoned

Tomorrow night, that's Wednesday, November 07, the word on the street is that Baba Budan's here in Clifton is having a Stone Brewery beer tasting! Not sure the times and details on this, except that it is supposedly $5 and you get to drink plenty of delicious Stone brews. Stone Brewery was one of the original influences on the Daves in starting up their brewing efforts. Come and see just what we were smoking when we cooked up DaveDave brew. Dave2 (that's me) will definitely be taking a work break to head up and taste around for a while. So if you're interested, give me a shout and we'll check out the goodness at hand. If you can't make it, we always recommend picking up a bottle of the original, the Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale, or maybe a Vertical Epic or Smoked Porter. Doesn't matter, they're all delicious.

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