Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

the tentative title for the newly brewed batch, the gummi bear batch, is lucy in the sky with diamonds. it's also a beatles song. but we didn't put lsd in the batch.

in a surprise move, the davedave brew crew, featuring ms. emma sartini, took a pit stop today at listermann's. there we painstakingly picked up all the necessary supplies to put together the infamous gummi bear batch. the batch includes 2 lbs. bear, 2 lbs. honey, 7 lbs. mixed berries, 1 lb. brown sugar, cascade as well as hallertau hops, and is currently put to rest in the cellar of the brewery accompanied by a vile of san francisco lagering yeast. should be a good one, folks. nice and sweet for those who have been looking to davedave to create something a little on the lighter side. being the eighth brew, this is interestingly the first lager attempted. the temperatures are optimal and this batch will also come out earlier than expected. possibly ready for bottling by this coming weekend.

in other news, man is good and fermented and ready for bottling. the initial taste tests are in and can we say, all signs point to yes. if this was the man that god created, god would have been a drunk. and more than likely an insomniac.

speaking of god, upon visit to the brew store today, the super ultra yeasts were *surprisingly* in stock. unfortunately, the brewery wasn't properly set up to brew this monster of a batch. and now in need of a carboy to settle, the brew will be created once man is bottled. wednesday or thursday look to be the day, although there is a good chance we might get a little ancy and bottle it sooner. be on the lookout for those updates.

also, this just in: "dave dave brew is now the perfect companion to a bengals game"
wouldn't you know...

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Caspito said...

Yes! A Lager! diversity, yeah!