Sunday, January 13, 2008

DaveDave Chocolate Raspberry

The brew yesterday was a massive success. The session was led by Mr. Schamer and myself, and joined by Josh and Emma a bit later. After considering all of the brew styles suggested, we decided on - as stated in the post previous to this one - a chocolate raspberry porter. a fine selection indeed.

For the brew, we started off with 1 lb each chocolate, black patent and caramel 90 malts, as well as an extra 1/2 lb of caramel 120. once steeped and washed, we then added 6 lbs. extra dark dry malt, 3 lbs. honey, 2 lbs. brown sugar, 2 T vanilla, 2 packages bitter-sweet chocolate chips and 1 1/2 oz Mt. Hood leaf hops. we added 1 oz kent goldings at 15 minutes (60 minute total boil) and finally, added the cooled wort, 50 oz. frozen organic raspberries (just raspberries, no sugar or preservative additives) and Wyeast German Ale Yeast.

So far, just 24 hours later, the brew is working well and working fast. looks to be about a 14 day primary and about the same for bottling.

in other news, we purchased Goose Island Reserve Bouron County Stout and tried a few of those bad boys. wouldn't you know, chilled temperature of the beer and carbonation aside, it was as if we had created a carbon copy of their brew when we made DaveDave God. uncanny. as far as god goes, it looks like we're in the final stages. later this week, once batch 11 is bottled, god is getting a partial re-boil, being recarboyed for it's third fermentation stage and with another round of super high gravity yeast being pitched to the mix. it looks as though god and the chocolate raspberry brews will both be ready for bottling around the 26th-27th.

we'll keep you posted

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