Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thoughts on Hops

From our most recent brew, DaveDave Batch Eleven, comes a few thoughts on hops used in the batch (all descriptions are solely based on each hops particular aromas):

Amarillo: Great "hoppy" characteristic. Would be great in IPAs, Barley Wines, any more bitter brews
Cascade: Fresh & light; slight lemony character with mild spiciness
Centennial: Light buttery spice, good for use in stouts, porters, more "rounded" ales
Mt. Hood: Mild sweetness, very light floral spiciness
Perle (9.5 AAU): Very very mild hop, especially for its higher Alpha Acid. Would be a good bittering hop without adding too much flavor to a brew
Fuggle: "Down the Middle" kind of hop; used in milder-IPA's, or more bitter lagers
Wiliamette: Incredibly floral characteristic; bold, but mellow in overall bitterness
Summit (16.5 AAU): Intense Spiciness. However, is surprisingly not too floral, nor bitter. Immediate thoughts were a perfect hop for the Spicy Melon Milk Stout.

Fill up the comment section if you've got some of your own "hop thoughts"


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