Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Quick Update on Hop.2:

- 45 bottles (12 22 oz., 33 12 oz.)

Upon initial taste test, the Dave's found the overall hoppy characteristic to be quite powerful and overall incredibly palatable. Unfortunately, the bitter hop contributed in masking more than some of the malt essence, resulting in a brew that when finished, felt slightly watered down and very empty.

The secondary tests, 2 weeks later, were much more successful. The hop and malt are beginning to blend further and the mouth-puckering bitterness of the hops has not faded, but has become much smoother than before.

The results are incredibly close to the previous batch of DaveDave Hop, and will continue to age beautifully over the next weeks and months until it finally reaches its full potential.

Also, a congratulations is in order for The Hop, as it has become the first official inductee into what will eventually be known as the DaveDave Brew Lineup when the Brewery and Pub finally reach their respective Grand Openings.

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