Thursday, January 10, 2008


Once again, my friends, my palatial comforts have been uprooted in an attempt towards broadening my tastes. (Excuse my verbosity, a lack of sleep and diet has rendered my mind in twain, each side wrestling and manipulating the other in a strggule for dominance. On one side we have absurdity and on the other perfectionism.( these loose scribblings are the brainchild of both.))

anyway -
I went to canada last summer and was surprised and slightly disappointed to find nothing but lagers on tap. i mean everywhere, lagers only. While i am slightly impartial to the type of beer i chug, lagers, for whatever reason, fall towards the bottom of my list. Perhaps i find them too weak in robustness or merely bitter in a negative way. whatever.
so today, i found a new type of beer! its a lager by the brewery HALF ACRE . they come out of chicago from an abandoned factory building. sounds pretty sweet, so i dropped the ten dollars required for a big city convenient store microbrew six pack and went back to work to try it out.

Its official: i dont like lagers. i dont like pilsners either. what is wrong with these north american beers? maybe i just havent found a lager or pilsner i reall like. or maybe i AM categorically opposed to these beer types. oh well.

im still going to drink the six pack, though my mouth feels like sandpaper after just one. maybe that is on account of not sleeping for three days...



otipsac said...

caspito is a shitty writer. stick to what you know: making coffee. you asshole!!

Dave v1.2 said...

although imperfect, both lucy and border jumper are both lagers, using san francisco and mexican lagering yeasts, respectively...

perhaps upon our next encounter, fellow dave, we shall quest for a pilsner or lager than can appease even our most fastidious of tastes

in the meantime, i'll give the world wide wonderment a browse for possible candidates