Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy (Belated) DaveDave Anniversay

As of December 31, 2007, DaveDave officially turned 1 year old. Boy what a fine year it's been. We've crafted over a dozen brews, expanded brewing capacity to four carboys, experimented with many different ingredients and methods, bottled over 600 beers, sold a few 6-packs, and oh so much more. Yes, maybe we drank a few more beers than we should have. But after this first year, the excitement surrounding the brewery is really taking off.

After a trip to the Hop Leaf and Map Room in Chicago, some limited edition brew sampling, and a brewery tour at the Three Floyd's Brewery, DaveDave has some huge plans for the future. We're talking unheard of huge. This year the lineup is bigger, bolder and more furious than ever.

Already planned for brew are:
- Spicy Melon Milk Stout
- Man.2
- MotherOfMaxin.2
- Mandarin-Berry Champagne Lager
- The One Gallon "Merry" Growler Howler Batch
- Almond Irish Red (w/Nitrous Kegging)

This is just the list of the top of my head. There will be many many more to come: some new, some re-makes, some tweaks, some experiments, some genius breakthroughs, some idiotic mistakes, blunderous batches and of course, the unprecedented DaveDave inaugural Belgian brew (for real this time).

Speaking of re-makes and tweaks, Batch 11 is brewed, carboyed and has been dry-hopped. 9 lbs. of malt, 2 lbs. honey, ELEVEN different kinds of hops totaling 12 oz. in the batch. According to our BeerTools software, the IBU (International Bittering Unit) of this batch pushes past 350 units. To give you a measure of reference, the typical IPA, double IPA or Imperial IPA will have anywhere from 75-150 IBU's depending on the style and taste desired. In our search of the land for the hoppiest beer to date, we have not found a single style that would cause our mouths to clamp shut or make our gums bleed hops. So instead of searching further, we decided to make our own. Mind you, the IBU rating is pre-dry hop. which means that this beer will be much, much hoppier than the 350 as noted. Be prepared. This batch will be more than likely bottled next Wednesday, the 16th.

So we've told you our upcoming batches, all looking to be brewed before the end of March. Now, in light of the New Year, I'd like to note some DaveDave Resolutions for 2008:

- Beer Entry into the Sam Adams Longshot Contest
- At least 1 beer kegged
- At least 1 beer mashed
- Upgraded Equipment, including a Butane burner, a larger boiling pot for larger volume boil, a cooling tube for more efficient boil to carboy transfer, Kegging equipment, and quite possibly equipment fit for mashing.
- At least Bi-Weekly posting from the crew on the DaveDave blog
- Brief outlining and planning for the DaveDave Brewery/Brew Pub

That should be about right. No brews are currently planned as of this moment, but I can nearly guarantee that there will be a brewing session this weekend. Give me a call if you would like to join. If certain funds come through, as they should, then this could possibly be the kegging weekend. We'll keep you posted.

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