Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Food, Music + Beer

In my opinion, food, beer and music are all one in the same. Each consumable and particular to an individuals' tastes, it brings to mind one question:

What are your favorite combinations - in any order or amount - of food, beer and/or music?


Dave v1.2 said...

One that immediately comes to mind are those famous Bengals Sundays:

Miller Lite
Guns N Roses AKA Welcome to the Jungle

Another famous combination I've come to love is:
Goose Island Reserve Demolition & BBQ Chicken Pizza

more to come

Caspito said...

Pad Thai + Duvel + boards of canada

PBR + burrito + pavement

budweiser + pizza + ween

davedave 3.1 + tortilla soup + dj smelly fish feat. Dragonway Fairfax

arrogant bastard + cunnilingus + big-band swing


Dave v1.2 said...

davedave 3.3
tortilla soup
dj smell fish feat. Dragonway Fairfax

three floyds black sun stout
buttery bun bbq bacon burger
excited beer enthusiasts, dubbed dodgeball

davedave man
the stars

bells batch 8000
pita & hummus
the beatles

and if i did drink pbr, only with nofx

Caspito said...

i think nofx is supposed to go with becks, dude

Caspito said...

i meant davdave 3.3, not 3.1. thanks for catching me on that. i was drinking beer on an empty stomach at 2:30 in the afternoon at my work while i was writing yesterdays post...

Dave v1.2 said...

no problem - good call with nofx and becks. although i could still imagine a pbr going pretty well with them as well