Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Here we are, there it is

Friends, comrades and citizens! After a series of unnecessary distractions and their subsequent bouts of negligence, i graciously return to the davedave blogspot. I must say the holiday season has brought with it an over abundance of nights spent drinking esoteric beer. From Dogfish Head's 120 mintue IPA to the Polish label ┼╗ywiec, my nights and thoughts have been adrift in a bubble of CO2, floating capriciously between hop flavored clouds and a whirlwind of feathers and mashed grains, relentless driven towards the next goblet/glass/bottle/can.

A list of beer:
(1)New Belgium's Mothership Wit (organic wheat beer)
(2)Red Stripe (crowd pleaser)
(3)Bell's Two Hearted Ale (a must try)

A list of reasons:
(1)Why is it that beer that claims to be "organic" always tastes so good? Stonemill to New Belgium. What parts of "normal" beer are not "organic"?'
(2)Its the best lager you can buy almost anywhere and it comes from Jamaica. Bing!
(3)A friend left a mini keg of this stuff in my fridge after new years. It is a great beer. I used to drink it out of bottles about a year ago and always liked it a lot. However, the mini kegged version - and this leads into the next section-->

Beer tastes differently when drawn from disparate vessels. Glass, cans, kegs, plastic or whatever, the container the beer is stored in between manufacture and consumption has a specific role in the development of the beers taste. At leasts it seems that way. For instance, PBR out of a can tastes much much better to me than PBR on tap. And I'm not really sure why. Perhaps it is the metallic walls upon which the pressure trapped beer sloshes during its travels that provides this distinct flavor, perhaps it is touching the lips of the tin can to my very own. My questions are this:

What causes the different materials to produce different tastes? Im interested in this on the molecular level, even.
Can we list our favorite ways to drink our favorite beers? Ok, ill start-



Caspito said...

PBR - 12oz can
Bud - 12oz bottle
red stripe - 22 oz bottle
guiness - pint glassed from a tap
arrogant bastard - pint glassed from a bottle
davedave - sipped from a ladle

Dave v1.2 said...

Miller Lite - 12oz bottle
Sierra Nevada 11th Anniversary Harvest Ale - pint glassed from a bottle
Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard - pint glassed from a tap
DaveDave God - shot glass
Traditional DaveDave - poured from the excited mouths of young children

Shea said...

1.Two hearted ale: Frosty mug

2. PBR: Quickly

2. DaveDave Man: Out of the hollowed-out skulls of my fallen enemies

Caspito said...

matilda - on tap
ddw - syringe into left arm
peroni - straight from the bottle with my feet in the lake and the sun on my back
nati light - forced dripped into my dead body after "elevated" torture methods have accidentally killed me